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Using the services of an independent expert can breathe a new spirit into a company’s marketing. Revitalizing your strategy, benefiting from external experience, and looking at your business from a different angle, brings many positive results.

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The economically optimal solution is to subscribe to the services of an expert.

  • CHANGES – In digital marketing, everything changes in the blink of an eye. Determinants of the use of communication platforms, preferences of target groups or trends and laws. Every organization needs a revival. Marketing is an ever-changing field; strategy adjustments should be made on an ongoing basis.
  • HOLISTIC APPROACH – It is rare for bidders to tailor their offerings to the nature of your business. You will get a narrowly specialized service from an outside agency. Finding the optimal and tailor-made solution must be backed by experience.
  • ANALYSIS – In-depth analysis is essential and worth the investment. Equally important is a flexible and quick response.
  • HIRE AN EXPERT – Align the vision between the client and the development teams. You need to simplify, don’t use „difficult words”, don’t give multiple options to consider, limit opinion deadlines, invite-only constructive people, don’t multiply tasks within the project, relate to each other with respect and deference, invite a person outside the circle of „insiders” for a fresh perspective and professional expertise.

The basic rate is 650 USD net per month for ongoing professional consulting in the following areas. Extension of the scope to be negotiated.

marketing strategy content marketing
UX/UI lead generation
SEO events
SEM video
PR social media

Management umbrella and consultation in response to a rapidly changing market.


Let us find the optimal solution for your brand. Together we will identify who your business partner / customer / consumer / employee is and what they need. I will:

  • make an audit and conduct a workshop,
  • train the team to use the new skills practically immediately,
  • lead social media activities and advise on how to multiply their impact,
  • configure and integrate digital tools,
  • build a microsite, „landing page” for a dedicated promotional campaign,
  • execute a multi-channel advertising campaign,
  • prepare a strategic action plan for more dynamic growth,
  • provide recommendations of trusted professionals with years of experience.

Let’s write a brief together…



I have been passionately involved in marketing for many years, I invite you to consultations related to your business profile.



I gained experience among well-known international brands in many places around the world, including „Perrier, McCann, and Pilsner Urquell. Thanks to many years of work in the marketing communications industry, I have an excellent understanding of the market and the principles of its functioning in correlation with available and modern marketing tools. Since the beginning of my career, I have focused on the area of digital marketing. The most important implemented campaigns include communication of Era Biznes services (now T-Mobile), the launch of the new Toyota Kluger model, promotion of Microsoft applications, implementation of the ING Bank Śląski video communication platform, building digital strategy of SEKA S.A. and many others. On a daily basis, I cooperate with companies and associations, creating, among others, the campaign entitled Safe at Work, Agreements for Safety in Construction, Wawer District in Warsaw, as well as creating smaller, local projects such as MalowanyPies.pl I have a thorough education in the field, including a doctoral degree from the Warsaw School of Economics.

I have attended dozens of specialized courses as evidenced by my certifications, including Google SEM/SEO / Analytics, YouTube, AdWords, Megapanel, Social-media content writing, Online Marketing, Online campaign planning, Presentation and public speaking, Effective email marketing, Performance Marketing, Performance Design, application development, e-Store – building, optimization, operation, Working with a research agency, Communication Mix, PR from scratch, Brand management, Direct mail and many more… I am an academic lecturer, trainer, consultant, advisor, and speaker. For many years in the top management of companies in marketing structures. Privately, I am passionate about new technologies, and the Internet – I abuse the computer, I read a lot. I am a happy husband, a motorcyclist, and a snowboarder, an unfulfilled lover of cuisine. I hold two citizenships: Polish and Australian.

I invite you to contact me via LinkedIn

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Ewa KonsowiczI had the pleasure to work with Konrad on the development of the international marketing structure. It’s a person of outstanding commitment and proactivity. One of his remarkable qualities is his ability to generate a multitude of ideas and solutions (backed up by solid knowledge and years of experience in the field) in a matter of seconds. Konrad is like a marketing encyclopaedia, always ready to share his expertise and insights. I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn from him over all these months!

Ewa Konsowicz CMO at Euvic MEA

21 czerwca 2023

Janusz BiałekKonrad is an absolute professional and one of the best marketing experts I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He clearly understands social and content marketing and it is this field that was so crucial to my requirements. I’d be more than happy to recommend Konrad to any company seeking sound marketing advice and direction.

Vice President and General Manager Poland Telecom Infrastructure Partners

21 stycznia 2021

Witold AntosiewiczOnce in a while we have the opportunity to talk about business matters. I have to say that I really like Konrad’s approach to the things we talk about. His open, sincere and kind communication combined with his willingness to help and ability to give explanations without industry complexities is admirable. I sincerely recommend him.

Witold Antosiewicz Community ManagerCommunity Manager
Klub Inteligencji Biznesu

21 grudnia 2020

Luke WójcikRaz na jakiś czas mamy sposobność rozmawiać w sprawach biznesowych. Muszę powiedzieć, że bardzo podoba mi się podejście Konrada do rzeczy o których rozmawiamy. Jego otwarta, szczera i miła komunikacja połączona z chęcią pomocy oraz umiejętności udzielenia wyjaśnień bez zawilosoci branżowych jest godna podziwu. Szczerze polecam.

Luke Wójcik Senior Product Designer Redexperts

21 września 2019

Artur KarwatkaDajmio Marketing professionally solved task of integration of multi brand, corporate identities into one recognisable and original design, launched useful trade marketing solutions, stock exchange relations, PR communication also managed redesign and usability of website architecture, enabled interactive SEO mechanisms, introduced internal and data base marketing. He also advised regarding strategic directions of business including implementation of QMS (certifying with ISO 9001)

Artur Karwatka, IT Manager, WDX S.A

29 czerwca 2015

Theo PriestleyI’ve had the pleasure of working with Konrad twice now for IDC Poland and their conferences, mostly recently at the Third Platform event. He’s extremely professional, coordinating and managing events and executing marketing and digital campaigns for conferences with ease. It seems so natural for him and he’s never out of step, nor are the events which run like clockwork when he’s in charge.

He’s a great character to have around, ensuring speakers and sponsors are well looked after pre and post conference.

Konrad is a real asset in organising and executing large events.

Theo Priestley Advisor | Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author

21 listopada 2014

“Dajmio Marketing is a professional. Whatever they do, they do it in a very qualified way. They are experienced with creative ideas and find new solutions for old problems. I know a lot of people who are good at marketing but Dajmio is the best of the best. They are highly motivated and devoted to the job he does. You can rely on them at any time and project. Highly recommended!

Malgorzata Grzanka, PR Manager, Makroconcert Media

29 kwietnia 2014

Weronika SobolakI had a pleasure to be a lecturer many times, at key digital industry events „Ad Standard” Konrad is fully responsible for, both from strategic and executive perspective. I was always impressed by his professionalism. The events organized by him attract key industry leaders & marketers and are well know for the valuable content. Also, Konrad’s passion for the digital world is worth being noticed as it makes it so easy and pleasant to be working with him.

Weronika Sobolak Global Lead Economic Impact at Meta (formerly Facebook)

21 kwietnia 2014

Konrad for years and to date was keen on supporting and discuss vast range of marketing subjects. He posses strategic approach and unique ability to combine traditional activities with quickly changing interactive marketing environment. All campaigns we’ve made together were done professionally with full attention to details, concentration on the aim of the target but also exceeded results over the expectations. He’s got my full recommendation.

Pawel Matecki, E-commerce Sales Channel Manager, L’Oréal

Pawel Matecki, E-commerce Sales Channel Manager, L'Oréal 29 września 2011

Natalia Josephs Konrad is a very personable man with an excellent eye for detail. He possesses the rare combination of excellent business acumen and creative flair which is invaluable in any contemporary business environment.

Natalia Josephs, Managing Director, Image Power Australia

29 kwietnia 2009

Simon JaroszKonrad joined McCann Sydney and immediately made his presence known. His determination to get the job done correctly often saw him at work late at night. His communication skills are excellent and he organised his workload and responsibilities faultlessly. He is a great team member and can manage work pressures individually. Konrad will always succeed within the digital market because he is prepaired to go the extra yard to get the job done.

Simon Jarosz, Head of Interactive Design, McCann Worldgroup

Simon Jarosz, Head of Interactive Design, McCann Worldgroup 29 stycznia 2009

100x100Konrad is a fantastic digital producer/project manager. He was superb to work with from a recruitment perspective. I checked his references and they were of the highest order. In addition to this, I had superb feedback from the guys at UM on both the quality and creativity of his work. His contracting work has enabled him to see the inner workings of many of Sydney’s best digital agencies leading to him becoming one of the most well-rounded producers I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend hiring Konrad on either a contract or a permanent basis.

Tom Sadler, Sales and Marketing Director, indago digital

29 lipca 2008

Liz Noonan Konrad was a very valuable part of the Digital team at G2. He managed his projects with expertise and proficiency. I would highly recommend him for any Project Management role.

Liz Noonan, Traffic Manager, G2, Grey Group

29 maja 2008

Cindy-RudmanI worked with Konrad at HotHouse. He is a hard worker and very enthusiastic about anything digital. He is a well organised and experienced producer. I found him to be a great team player and lovely to work with. I would recommend him for any similar role and would gladly work with him again.

Cindy Rudman, Snr Project Manager, HotHouse Interactive

29 lipca 2007