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Social-Media-Marketing-Dajmio-digitalSocial media is emotional, and this very much affects the usefulness of this communication channel for business.

Even if we manage to launch a strategy of brand presence in communities, it is very critically observed by top management as a place where it is difficult to generate sales, which can’t be perceived as the only function.

Nowadays, no company can afford not to have a social media presence at all.

 „The leverage and influence social media gives citizens are rapidly spreading into the business world.” Simon Mainwaring

Many of the arguments for and against are usually related to the proper adaptation of the social media platform to the type of product and the nature of the brand. Social media is not just Facebook, which is the most popular and the one most often associated with it. The places where we can take advantage of the undeniable benefits of platforms for users are huge.

As with the use of any tool, what is important is its purpose and how it is used. Social media are changing at a rapid pace, their interfaces, functionalities, paid options, and novelties are a region in which an inexperienced person can easily get lost. This is one reason why so many people are skeptical and even frightened by the vision of using them at work.

The new way brands are communicating with users has revealed the importance of establishing a dialogue and keeping it ongoing and natural. The days of unilateral image shaping through one-way media are over, and the conclusion is one:

The sooner a company befriends the community of its own and potential customers, the better!

Regardless of using an advertising agency, it is important that there is a dedicated person within the company responsible for social media accounts. Such a person should coordinate with external agencies, content providers, influencer bloggers, ad managers, and the company’s stakeholders and employees.

You can see very clearly what model companies are taking, but regardless of the management structure, every employee should have a basic awareness of what is happening and why in this area. There is a simple translation of the involvement of a group of people into the results achieved on social media platforms.

Every employee is a valuable brand ambassador, each of their activities is invaluable and if focused and targeted it becomes a vein of gold. It is extremely difficult to convince all employees of the company, but those who gain knowledge will certainly be more willing to participate in interactions with brand users. A little motivation in the form of an internal loyalty program can further improve the situation.

I invite and encourage you to decide to train your team. I offer training courses for up to five people at a time. The workshop format ensures that immediately after the course, everyone will be able to successfully serve the brand. Check out the topics of the proposed course:

SOCIAL MEDIA for company teams
training program

– basic level (3,5h)

Social media for companies, workshop max 5 people per group, practical approach, instant knowledge.

1. Introduction, overview of social media platforms (30 min)

Social media, what they are, how they differ, introduction. Why social media is the present and future of communication? How do organizations and people find themselves in the new media reality? What does it mean for my company to interact with users?

2. Practical approach to available functionalities (30 min)

Account setup, automatic links, which accounts are worth having, action analytics, news feed, fun page, event, friends, conversion tracking.

3. Brand personality in social media (30 min)

Shaping a brand’s personality in an environment of constant interaction and limited control over its online image? What mistakes are made by inexperienced marketers in the reality of social media?

4. Social media crisis (30 min)

A social media crisis is governed by its own rules, but like a classic public relations crisis the rules of conduct should be prepared in advance and, unlike them, applied daily. We will analyze typical crises and mishaps of companies, and consider how to act to avoid similar situations.

5. Social media sales (30 min)

Social media is a treasure trove of knowledge for consumers, backed by the opinions of friends, and it is their opinion that we value most when making purchasing decisions. You will gain knowledge on how to think about social media presence if your main goal is to support sales.

6. What to measure? How do you define success? (30 min)

Social media can be accurately measured, and the goals chosen determine the choice of tools. Success lies in a place where we would not look for it at first glance. How to measure and what to look for, when defining the goals of social media presence.

7. Best practices/business cases (30 min)

How companies use the opportunities that social media provides, case studies.

Completion of the training is rewarded with a certificate of participation.

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